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Sample Petition to Have the TOEFL Requirement Waived for LLM Applicant

Dear Mr. X,

I deeply appreciate your openness to student questions and petitions. The student-friendly nature of XXU is one of the reasons that I have my heart set on attending your highly competitive program—it is my absolute first choice. I have been accepted to 2 other programs based on an interview with the TOEFL subsequently waved and I ask you to please consider a similar arrangement for XXU. If you confirm, however, that no exception can be made even in light of my special circumstances, I will take it ASAP.

I have been working as a paralegal in New York for almost 5 years now. Since my arrival, my workplace has been all English and I have spent long hours working in English; even outside of the workplace my life has been almost entirely in English. I now even dream mostly in English, reflecting my level of absorption or adoption of the language. I still devote 70 hours a week to being a legal professional and taking the TOEFL, especially preparing to excel as I would so like to do, would be most difficult at this time, particularly since the test itself does little to advance my legal education. I thank you for your reconsideration and I want to emphasize that I am prepared to take the TOEFL if I have to—XXU will be worth it.

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Sample 1st Paragraph Tax Law LLM, Pakistani Applicant to the LSE

A student from Pakistan who is now entering his final year of study towards the LLB Degree at the University of London in the School of Oriental and African Studies, I would like to proceed with my studies and upon finishing my LLB Degree, begin studying immediately towards my LLM Degree. While I am aware that your distinguished LLM Program at the London School of Economics has many qualified applicants, my grades reflect that I am capable of doing well in a rigorous program such as yours and I feel strongly that I am the best fit for LSE because of your mission, devotion to diversity, and commitment to the cause of economic and political progress in the Developing World. I hope to be accepted to the LSE primarily on the basis of my plans to contribute to economic development as a reformist tax lawyer in my native country, Pakistan, an especially critical player in regional, Middle East issues.