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LLM Corporate Governance, Ukrainian Applicant

Your world-class LLM Program in Corporate Governance & Practice at XXXX University is my first choice for further graduate study not only because of the prestige of your program, but primarily because I feel that I am the best fit for your program given my interests and experience. I seek a thoroughgoing immersion in the study of corporate governance and transactional legal practice, especially in the international arena. As an attorney from the Ukraine who has also completed a Master’s Degree in Law in the UK, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at Stanford and contribute to ongoing discussions concerning the crises in my country and its impact not only on Europe but the USA as well. Earning my LLM in England taught me a great deal about the UK and also the European Union. It is my hope that earning my second LLM in the USA will teach me even more about the USA.

I seek to deepen my knowledge of common law, in particular, as well as trust law in the US and its commercial application in the areas of banking and capital markets. I received some basic background in this field while studying in London; however, I would like to continue my research so that I can use findings and knowledge to help Ukraine reform its banking system

Although I have a stable and well paying job, working for a bank which belongs to a well-known Swedish group SEB, I want to continue setting new goals and working towards achieving them. Currently, I see little to no appropriate work opportunities in the Ukraine which would meet my career aspirations and would allow me to continue develop professionally. Partly, this situation is due to the anti-terrorist operation ongoing in eastern Ukraine which has resulted from Russia invading our territory; but it is also consequence of a rampant corruption underpinning our society in general. Almost every company (with the rare exception of a few foreign businesses) shows very little sense of corporate responsibility and many workers are treated in most unfair and inhumane ways. I observed first-hand how often people were promoted not for their good performance at work, but for some sort of personal connections or their willingness to bend moral and ethical principles to make a good impression on the boss. I do not feel comfortable in such conditions of employment. 

I really enjoyed studying in London and would really enjoy continuing my education in the US. I want to use this time of uncertainty and turmoil in my home country to continue to grow intellectually and to work to build solidarity with my besieged country abroad at the same time that I continue to enhance my qualifications and competitiveness in law, so as to return at some point with the tools that I need to fight corruption and to work to preserve Ukraine’s financial integrity. I feel that I have some valuable things to share in your program in light of my background in banking law in Ukraine and the professional skills that I have developed so far. I believe that this is a good time for me to pursue the opportunity of studying in the US.

Acceptance to XXXX’s law school would allow me achieve several of my central career goals. I want to be able to make a difference in the world. Currently, I'm helping needy and poor people, as well as some orphans. I haven't decided yet whether I will stay in the US or go back to Ukraine after I have completed my studies. To a great extent, it will depend on the political situation in my country. In addition, it is unclear whether recent moves of our new government will produce any tangible results with respect to resolving the crises and protecting the security of our people. In any case, I will continue helping vulnerable members of the Ukrainian society. I feel that I want to be able to help my country more by becoming as well educated as I can, maybe someday I will be in a better position to improve people's lives there.  It may be possible to better effect progressive social change and respect for human rights from outside my country than within.

seek to acquire an extensive knowledge of US laws, particularly with respect to capital markets.  I have about 10 years of experience in the field of banking and finance so I am well aware of the underdevelopment of these sectors in Ukraine. The major part of our legal system has been either inherited from the Soviet times or is generally outdated and does not correspond to modern banking practices, allowing banks to go bankrupt, with corrupt banking officials stealing the life savings of many thousands of people and transferring the money overseas. After the Maidan revolution last winter, some of such fraudulent schemes involving the former President and his “family” were revealed. I have even become victim myself of bank fraud.  Currently, the bank is under temporary administration, with thousands of depositors—myself included—left with little hope of recovering their funds. Thus, I take this quite personally. Our banking system requires an enhanced asset protection mechanism that would allow assets to be traced after they have been misappropriated and squandered by the bank’s managers or owners. In my opinion, the whole bulk of regulation governing US and English trusts may be applicable to the Ukrainian legal system.  Thus, I look forward to completing my LLM Degree at XXXX so as to learn how to make my maximum contribution to fighting bank fraud in the Ukraine.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

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