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LLM Human Rights China, Applicant Couple

I am in a long term relationship with my significant other, Andrew XXXX, and we are both applying to your LLM Program at XXXX University because we want very much to study together and to live in what we see as the most exciting place in the world. We are Chinese democracy advocates who see to learn all that we can about human rights as well as international commerce and your program is our first choice because of the way in which so many Chinese organizations make New York their home, in addition to the vast resources of XXU. We love the diversity and liberalism of XXU and find the prospect of attending your program enormously exciting.

Both Andrew and I feel very strongly about human rights in our country, China, especially Hong Kong but also the mainland. Perhaps particularly the mainland since this is where most human rights violations occur by far. We are interested most of all in studying Family Law because we want to work to protect women and children, economically, politically, but most of all legally.

Law has touched every aspect of my growth path; and it continuously influencing me deeply. I am eager to achieve a LLM degree to fulfil my short and long term dreams, a dream that may possibly come true by hard work and passion. By completing your distinguished LLM program at NYU, I will be well along the way to achieving the cutting-edge knowledge base that will prepare me for a lifetime of service fighting injustice on an international level, especially in China.

I was one of the early admitted students to Queen’s University, University of Toronto, York University with scholarship, and University of British Columbia with scholarship. I think that much of this is the result of the fact that I was groomed by my parents and my surroundings to become a lawyer since the age of 5. Among my first vivid memories are hearing adults described me as “gifted to be a lawyer.” In fact, I increasingly came to respect and admire the qualities of hard-working attorneys, aggressive, rigorous. Thus, earning my LLM Degree at XXU will represent what I see as a fulfilment of my destiny.

I participate in all national debate competitions and writing competitions. A wall full of testimonials still stands in my home. I was confident until my family decided to immigrate to Canada. Western education took me two years to adapt to, not only language and environment, but thinking strategies as well. As a typical ‘A’ student in Chinese school, I was trained for exams and competitions. There was always an answer being taught, right or wrong, true or false. In Canada, on the other hand, we were taught to develop our own arguments. Every argument had to be supported by research, and we were left to evaluate the veracity of arguments ourselves. Soon, I came to understand that my challenge was to expand my mind to different perspectives. I attended tutorials each day after school to quickly improve my English skills. I also volunteered in the community centre, and school library. I hosted a community event to raise funds for the 5.12 Szechuan Earthquake survivors. I studied Art History, Political Science, and Professional Writing as an undergraduate in order to broaden my horizons and get a better grasp on what I wanted to do with my life professionally.

Another problem that I was facing was that Chinese girls usually get married in their early 20s and I came under pressure to do so as well. At this juncture I made 2 critical decisions. First, I decided to walk away from Toronto, and find the deep desire of myself, doing exactly what I felt most compelled in my heart to do, the path to follow. I reaffirmed my conviction that I want to devote my life to Law and this is why I am now finishing up my LLB studies at the University of SXXXX in England. I have learned a great deal here not only about British, UK, and European Law, but also about British and European society and culture. I now seek a similar immersion experience in Law in America, learning as much as I can, all of which will serve me well as I continue to build my career in international and family law. My boyfriend Andrew Chong and I both hope to be accepted to and excel at XXU.

I thank you for considering my application to our program.

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