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LLM International Business, Arbitration, Ukraine

XXXX is my first choice for Law School not only because of its historical reputation, but because I see it as the most fully international program in New York City. I see XXXX’s LLM Program as the most robust platform in NYC upon which to build a distinguished career in real estate and international arbitration law. A young woman born and raised in the Ukraine, despite still being 28 years old, I have already lived and worked on three continents, earning my MBA in England. Now a permanent resident in America, I have more than two years of experience in the legal field here in NYC.

 I began working not long after starting my undergraduate studies, serving as an Administrative Assistant to Deputy XXXX, of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kyiv from Jan. 2004 through Aug. 2006, document indexing and organizing, including confidential materials and time-sensitive political projects. I lived in Preston, England, while studying for MBA from 2006 through 2007, and then I moved to America to put my degree to work, and spent the next two years working as a legal assistant for a real estate and immigration attorney. From July of 2009 through July of 2011, I gave my all as an international arbitration paralegal with XXXX of NYC.

 My professional experiences in arbitration convinced me that I wanted to attend law school. But since my undergraduate studies were in the area of Linguistics, English Language, and Japanese, rather than Law, I asked my firm in New York for time off to return to the Ukraine to complete my undergraduate studies in Law, which I accomplished. I have now been back to work at XXXX since this past June, 2013.

 I look forward to writing a thesis that significantly contributes to the field of international arbitration research. I am most interested in how international arbitration serves to resolve disputes, with individual parties from different countries remaining free from the local jurisdiction. I hope to engage in extensive research concerning the recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards and how they rely on national court systems.

 In Ukraine, more and more commercial disputes have been settled through arbitration. Nevertheless, my country of origin has also been criticized for defects in the recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards. Using Ukraine as a case study, therefore, I would like very much to develop a thesis thesis project that would analyze the causes of these defects and also involve a search for ways in which these issues can be resolved. I very much love the people with whom I work, and my long-term goal is to become a partner in the firm where I am currently employed. I feel that this goal is within my reach primarily because of the way that my LLM Degree will be complemented by the MBA that I earned in England. I feel that I possess the qualities of a leader, and I am now demonstrating this in my very successful search for new clients. Becoming highly skilled in this is the best way to assure one’s advancement in the firm.

 I have proved myself as a hard-working, goal-oriented person who frequently contributes valuable and creative ideas to the projects on which we are working. Most of my relatives and friends have suggested that I have an ample supply of most of the essential qualities that it takes to be a good lawyer. I also feel that my original university training to be a language teacher is also quite helpful, supporting my efforts to excel in law.  My advanced training in language and linguistics helps me to explain things to clients simply and understandably. Our clients generally love me because I am a compassionate and easy-going person with a keen sense of humor. At the same time, I am very concentrated and detail-oriented in my work.

 Completing your distinguished LLM Program at XXXX will provide me with the optimal platform for realizing my goal of success and advancement in the area of international arbitration. Some people go to law school even though they don't really know if they will like it. In my case, however, my decision, drive, and passion are based on already extensive legal experience--countless hours reviewing and drafting documents, sitting in front of my computer all day long. This job is not for everyone, but I totally love it because I have come to know this area of the law so well which will continue to provide me with increasing satisfaction and challenge in your program. I keenly look forward, in particular, to learning everything that I can about how to be successful as a corporate, tax, bankruptcy, or real estate lawyer. I particularly love international arbitration because I have an international background.

 I like to think of myself as a world citizen and that this is useful and important for international law professionals. I have traveled extensively, with lengthy visits to Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and the countries of the former USSR, in addition to England and the USA. I am completely fluent in English because I have studied and actively used it for more than 20 years. A native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian, I also have a basic grounding in Japanese since I studied it intensively for 3 years. I thank you for considering my application for admission to your program.

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