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LLB Personal Statement Sample, Arab, Bahrain, Applying to a University in the UK

I always look forward, striving for excellence, giving my all, which is why I was able to serve as Captain of my High School Football Team: a cool head, determination, grit, resolve, courage, and the last one to get tired. I also try to distinguish myself as a citizen and a responsible member of my community. I help to organize and staff a variety of charitable events and serve as a student representative as well as head of our Leadership Society. I have regularly worked at my grandfather's company, examining documents, reading contracts and draft agreements, and shadowing the company's lawyers. Thus, it is my hope that this will enable me to excel in your distinguished LLB Program at the University of XXXX.

An ambitious and principled young Arab man born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, still only 19 and rather idealistic, I have a passion for social justice and equality under the law. This is why I have known for some time that I wanted to become an attorney. My sense of urgency and civic responsibility is enhanced by the fact I come from a troubled country with our share of social strife, ultimately a result of our constitution and legal structures that favor one religious tradition (Sunni Islam) over another (Shia Islam). I am Sunni, a product of the political elite of my country, and this fills me with a sense of historical responsibility to seek progressive change, social justice, and a peaceful and harmonious society. The religious divide between Sunni and Shia in Bahrain, as elsewhere, results in a divided society that is dysfunctional, and I look forward to devoting much of my professional lifetime as a student of law to the question of how constitutional amendments might be written and passed so as to restructure our society in a more egalitarian fashion, which I think is in the interests of the nation as a whole.

I hope to earn my LLB Degree at the University of XXXX because I see it as the best fit for my interests and aspirations, not only because of your unparalleled reputation but also the interest of your faculty in legal questions especially pertinent to the Middle East, human rights, and religious freedom. My keen interest in the political and ideological divisions in my country and the way that they tend to result in injustice has me very excited about the prospect of giving my life to the study of law and learning about many other countries and their legal contexts and struggles that will help me to better understand the challenges that we face in Bahrain.

My dream is to hold a high governmental position in my country at some point where I will be able to contribute to progressive political developments, not only in Bahrain but throughout the Arab world. I see the University of XXXX to be the ideal learning environment in which to think about progressive legal solutions for entrenched legal challenges, particularly in the Middle East.

I am most interested in commercial and constitutional law, especially issues of corporate governance. Earning my law degree at the University of XXXX will provide me with the best professional preparation possible for any of several career directions that I might choose in the future: politics, commercial law, international relations, etc. There is a shortage of well-trained, internationally oriented, legal professionals in Bahrain and I seek to serve my community.

I also look forward to working to perfect my writing ability in English as a student in your program. I was a participant in our Model United Nations in Bahrain and this exercise is indicative of the thrust and direction of my intellectual engagement, speaking and debating as well as writing.

I thank you for consideration of my application to the LLB Program at the University of XXXX.

The LLB Degree and Human Rights Law

Law has been considered one of the most highly esteemed and revered university subjects since its very beginnings. Legal issues affect almost every crucial aspect of life, including business and environmental matters, economics, international relations, trade and politics. Many applicants choose to specialize in human rights, before focusing on other areas of law, or as a specialization that later leads on to a career in the international human rights legal framework, such as those who work in the field of immigration. With international integration on the rise alongside a massive shift in and exchange of worldviews, today’s law school applicants may be more inclined to strive towards a LLB Degree with a specialization in Human Rights Law, especially if it corresponds to their own personal, specific areas of interests. The other principal reason law students choose to study in the area of human rights is because they want the opportunity to divulge and defend on a number of 21st century legal issues, such as terrorism, indigenous rights, invasion of privacy and other topics related to international law in the real world.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the LLB, British Pakistani

A British Pakistani who now holds the LLB Degree, I seek professional advancement and an opportunity to earn the LLM Degree so as to make my maximum contribution to my society in the areas of business, immigration, and human rights. I want to think of myself as a soldier for peace in times that are very trying for everyone, especially migrants coming to the UK and the rest of Europe from Muslim societies. XXXX University is my first choice among LLM programs because of its sheer excellence as well as its location.

The Humanitarian Side of a LLB Degree

Law is an interesting, complex and positive subject to study. And within the field of humanitarian law, there are some big and inspiring players.

Let´s look at a few of the most inspiring women. These women are fierce, courageous and inspire fear in the governments and groups that try to silence them—and we certainly applaud them for it.

Salwa Bugaighis – Lawyer, Political Activist

Salwa Bugaighis and her dedication to human rights is awe inspiring. Salwa was sadly shot dead in 2014. Her assassination was devastating for many.

Salwa was a courageous lawyer who pushed for democracy in Libya from a young age. She was actively involved in Libya's revolution. She has been described as the "Libyan human rights activist who took on Gaddafi".

Salwa was also actively involved in Libya's post-revolution transition. She campaigned for the inclusion of women in this process. At every chance she got, she pushed for national reconciliation in the troubled country.

You and everyone can take inspiration from Salwa's courageous activism. Her commitment to peace and freedom is a legacy we can all aspire to.

Mu Sochua – Politician, Women's Rights Advocate

Mu Sochua grew up in Cambodia during the reign of the brutal Khmer Rouge. She was forced into exile, but later returned to rebuild her country.

As the Minister of Women's Affairs, Mu advocated to end human trafficking and the exploitation of female workers. She drafted crucial laws on ending violence against women.

Standing strongly behind her principles, Mu later stepped down as minister to become an opposition figure in light of government corruption and repression. As a result, Mu has faced, and continues to be threatened with imprisonment for criticizing the government and Prime Minister.

What inspires Mu to continue her good work? In her own words, it´s because: "I feel most satisfied when the women's networks move together, create a critical mass and gain political space." Very inspiring.

Gillian Triggs - President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Legal Expert

When I think of integrity and determination, I think of Gillian Trigg, the head of Australia's Human Rights Commission. She has recently faced an onslaught of politically-driven attacks and abuse from leading politicians. The Australian Prime Minister has even done this, for her human rights advocacy.

Triggs, a highly accomplished lawyer and academic, has been unfairly targeted for promoting and protecting human rights. She has been particularly criticized for her stand on the issue of asylum seeker children being locked up in immigration detention. However, in the face of political pressure and relentless attacks by the government, she remains determined to fulfil her mission of protecting human rights in Australia. What a lady.

Rebiya Kadeer - Uyghur Activist, Leader

Rebiya is many things: a businesswoman, the mother of eleven children (!), a political leader and, let's face it, one of China's fiercest freedom fighters.

As a member of the persecuted ethnic Uyghur minority in China's Xinjiang region, Rebiya has spent her life campaigning for the rights of the Uyghurs.

Her activism has come at a price. The Chinese authorities sentenced her to eight years in prison for her work. She was later forced to live in exile. Despite these challenges, though, Rebiya - who is known as the 'Mother of the Uyghur nation'- has not been silenced by Chinese authorities and continues her activism at the age of 60. Isn´t she inspiring?

Yara Sallam - Feminist Activist, Human Rights Lawyer

Yara is a leading, 28-year-old human rights activist in Egypt. Her commitment to defending human rights, especially women's rights in Egypt, is inspiring for all young Arab women interested in the subject.

As a feminist, she has campaigned for a greater space for women to exercise their civil and political rights and to be free from sexual violence. Yara was recently sentenced to two years in prison for attending a protest in Egypt. It is now illegal for citizens to effectively exercise their right to protest there.

But even from prison, Yara continues to champion the causes of vulnerable women who have been detained and imprisoned, and we salute her passion and cause.

Nimko Ali - Anti-FGM Campaigner

Nimko is the survivor of female genital mutilation. She´s a fierce campaigner who leads the anti-FGM campaign in the UK. She has propelled the issue onto the front pages of newspapers and into the halls of parliament. She advocates for stronger legislation and policy changes. She is a co-founder and director of Daughters of Eve, a not-for-profit raising awareness about FGM that provides support to survivors of FGM. Nimko has faced verbal and physical attacks for speaking out. But her advocacy remains steadfast. Nimko considers herself a survivor, not a victim, and her fighting spirit is one we can all learn from and use to propel us forward with passion.