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The Humanitarian Side of Health Care Law

Health care law has been moving in an interesting direction in the last few decades. The FDA and other authorities have been changing its policies and cracking down on natural medicines and the people qualified to administer them. You can draw your own conclusions about how humanitarian these changes are.

Codex Alimentarius

John Hammell, founder of International Advocates for Health Freedom: an advocacy group created to fight globalists' efforts to regulate alternative health treatments, including herbs, dietary supplements, and vitamins, made the following statement on the subject:

"The Codex Alimentarius Commission claims that their main purpose is to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair trade practices in the food trade worldwide, but the truth is that the Codex Alimentarius Commission is dominated by corporate multi-national interests that do not have as their primary concern the health interests of the people they claim they are in business to protect, not if that health interest is better served by alternative food supplements and alternative medicine. They have a business with disease – it's not in their best interests that people be healthy."

Others argue that The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of individuals. We should all be able to choose natural healing and alternative medicine and nutrition, shouldn´t we?

Ratified by the World Health Organization, the codex went into Law in the United States in 2009.

But The Codex Alimentarius Commission was actually created in 1963 by the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Health Organization—two official groups within the United Nations. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says vitamins, supplements, herbs and other natural substances, including water when it is used to "treat" dehydration, should be classified as drugs. Perhaps this is so they can control them. 

This government agency also put its "Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration" on a fast track for implementation.

This move by the FDA may have been designed to destroy the 1994 DSHEA law, which made supplements 'legal'. It may also be aimed at eliminating nutritional supplements and natural medicine from the United States, ensuring monopoly profits and control by drug companies and the FDA.

Here´s a video on Codex Alimentarius and the threat to health freedom. It includes a debate with the President of the National Health Federation, Scott Tips:

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NGOs That Work in This Area

The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation that promotes a high performing health care system that achieves better access to improved quality and more effective health care for low-income, uninsured and minority Americans,: young children and elderly adults.

They publish interesting articles that might be of interest to you. Recently, an article called “Burwell Supports Public Option, Other Fixes to Health Law” by Erin Mershon, CQ Roll Call, appeared on their site. The article talked about Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who called in an op-ed for Congress to consider a public option as a way to lower premiums on the exchanges.

Burwell criticized conservatives for their efforts to derail the health care law: "Unfortunately, opponents of the law have spent years chipping away at funding for everything from CO-OPs to programs that help stabilize premiums to outreach efforts that help uninsured Americans find coverage," wrote Burwell. "These actions make coverage less available and less affordable for consumers."

Burwell's focus on affordability comes as the health care law faces serious challenges: insurance premiums in many states are rising by double digits; several major insurers, including UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Aetna Inc., have dramatically scaled back their participation in the marketplaces.

The secretary outlined other changes Congress could make: increasing the premium subsidies available under the law or working to decrease prescription drug costs; states and insurers could also help improve affordability.

Burwell acknowledged that 2017 will be a "transition year" for the exchanges. She also pointed out that the health care law has successfully improved access and reduced the uninsured rate in the United States to an historic low. She also stated that the country was seeing large premium increases because insurers priced their products too low at the outset.

Check out their blog for similar articles.

The Kaiser Family Foundation ( is another NGO that claims it is a leader in health policy analysis and health journalism. KFF is dedicated to filling the need for trusted information on national health issues (for the USA), and the US´s role in global health policy.

KKF develops and runs its own policy analysis, journalism and communications programs. It serves as a non-partisan source of facts, analysis and journalism for policymakers, the media, the health policy community and the public. Their product is information, always provided free of charge — from the most sophisticated policy research, to basic facts and numbers, to in depth health policy news coverage provided by our news service, KHN, to information young people can use to improve their health or the general public can use to understand the health reform law.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the USA´s largest philanthropy dedicated solely to health. Check out their blog for articles on health law changes.

The Cross Over of International Humanitarian Law and Health Care Law

Health is global, and studying international humanitarian law and then focusing on health could be a very interesting way to specialize. Here is a short video on the human cost of violence against health-care workers and facilities.

Health care law affects people. And we like to support those that work in humanitarian fields. 

The Threat to Health Freedom