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JD Immigration Law, African Immigrant

As a survivor of widespread political violence as a child and adolescent growing up in Uganda, I feel strongly that my voice has much to contribute on a qualitative level to discussions of the critical issues of our day in the interlocking areas of national security and immigration. As an immigrant to the United States, I am most pleased to now live in a land with full political freedom. Now 37, I have made the USA my home for the past 15 years. My professional work experience with the United States Naval Reserve and the Bureau of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has been my most rewarding and fulfilling experiences to date. I have the honor of contributing to our national security while we constantly labor to streamline our immigration policies. I have been greatly inspired by my study of US history and the way in which the USA has been a beacon of hope for centuries.  If accepted to XXXX Law, I plan to focus on immigration law and international law, so as to acquire the ultimate preparation for critical analyses of comparative immigration policy - especially the mechanics of progressive, successful models - all with a constant eye on both security concerns and human rights issues.

 Since adolescence, I have followed the wisdom of my idol Nelson Mandela who declared that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." This is why I hope to further my education at XXXX Law, in order to put the most prestigious law degree in the world to work on behalf of immigrants worldwide on the one hand, and global security on the other. It is the way that the two are related in my long term career goals which speaks best to the strength of my application. I have held my current position with the USCIS, Department of Homeland Security, working in XXXX, since November of 2012.  After completing law school, I plan to continue to serve the US government in the area of security and immigration, contributing all that I can to making our organization both more just and more efficient. My long term goal, however, is to move on to the United Nations where my expertise in immigration law and security issues will be able to fully blossom on the international stage. I hope to make my greatest professional mark in the area of immigration assistance to low income immigrant families.

 I earned my first diploma in paralegal studies. Next, I distinguished myself at both XXXX University where I earned my Master of International Affairs Degree and the University of XXXX where I completed my undergraduate studies in International Relations with a concentration in International Security Studies. I was awarded scholarships as both an undergrad and a graduate student. I feel the greatest strength of my application is my global experience. Born and raised in Uganda, I went to Asia for two years when I was 20 years old, staying long enough to become an advanced student of the Korean language. In addition to my native African languages, Luganda/Lusoga, I also have a working knowledge of Swahili. I seek constant professional advancement in international law, partly because of the way in which my travels and language skills have stimulated my cultivation of an international identity and personality. In addition to 2 years in Korea, I also had the privilege of spending 3 weeks in Japan with shorter visits to the Netherlands, Kenya, Canada, France, and England.

 I am especially committed to the ideals of equality and freedom for all peoples. I became more fully aware of these principals embodied in our Constitution while listening to the former Chief Justice of the State of Maine, Daniel Wathen, when attending the University of Maine at Augusta. Chief Justice Wathen employed the “Socratic Method” to help students think, debating and articulating complex legal opinions. My exposure to this method early on in my college career has driven my academic performance and career aspirations. I hope to continue to learn at Harvard Law and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration of my application.

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