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Diversity Statement International Law, Chinese

The most important aspect of my contribution to your distinguished LLM Program in Law at XXXX University, and the subsequent distinguished career in international business law that I hope to develop subsequently, is the fact that I am now Chinese-Canadian, having recently received my Canadian passport. In addition, however, even before immigrating to Canada, I was already someone who came from a multicultural background in China; this is evidenced by the fact that I have both Mandarin and Cantonese as mother tongues.

I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to grow up in a variety of areas of China, which are often much like subcultures; I was born and raised until the age of 8 in the northern part of China before moving to Guangzhou (Canton), where I spent nine years before immigrating to Canada. That is why I am part of a small minority of Chinese speakers who speak both Mandarin and Cantonese. My experiences so far, even before moving to Canada, have helped me to become sensitive to issues of multiculturalism and cultural diversity and to understand in greater depth the profound cultural differences that exist between northern and southern areas of China. I am confident that my extensive multicultural experiences will help me to succeed in your program and that continuing to increase my sensitivity to multicultural issues will also help me to excel in the areas of business and law in the international arena.

Another factor that encouraged my multicultural sensitivity was attending an international school in China with classmates from many other parts of the world. This also helped my English skills a great deal. I was also eager to assist foreigners with whom I came into contact with in China in their business ventures and interests, translating for them. I also went on an international service trip to Ecuador during high school in Canada, dedicated to preserving an Ecuadoran Forest Reserve.

Other volunteer activities that have brought me into contact with people of diverse origins and cultures have been helping to raise funds and buy supplies for a school in Guizhou, an impoverished province in China. It was first founded by a businessman who dedicated his life to the education of children in remote areas of China. I found the blog of this businessman online and followed how he was updating his life at the “hope schools” on his blog. I was touched by his kindness and decided to go to Guizhou and help them. I spent an entire month there at one point before returning to Canada to begin classes. After returning, I organized an online store selling phone accessories with all of the profits donated to the hope school in Guizhou.

Last but not least, my own celebration has been very much enhanced by my serving as Assistant Vice President of the International Student Association at my university. Our principal focus is on helping Chinese students to get used to their new environment in Canada. I help organize events so that new Chinese students can make friends, BBQs, and Spring Gala Festivals, etc. I am also the assistant vice president of the event department. I am also the leader of the club basketball team. Now, I eagerly look forward to an active participation in the celebration of diversity at XXXX University.

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