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My service is quite different from other statement writing services on the Internet for several reasons. I am the little guy on the web, not a big business like most of my competitors. You deal directly with me. I answer all of your questions completely free of charge and I am solely responsible for producing a statement that you are very pleased with. You need not pay for your all-important first paragraph. I only ask for payment in case you should decide to commission me to draft your statement in its entirety.

My service is also distinguished from other law school personal statement services by my humanitarian emphasis. I take the high moral ground, fostering a sense of historical justice through the celebration of diversity. Most of my clients are international students, and I enjoy helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the field of law, people like you who want to make the world a better place. I help you brainstorm ideas free of charge so as to make your long term goals as creative and convincing as possible, helping you to weave the disparate elements of your story together in an eloquent fashion that causes you to stand out from the crowd.

While my PHD is in the area of Religion, I like to think of myself as more of a historian than a theologian. My focus has always been on moral theory and thinking as it relates to politics and international relations; yet, I have always been aware of how all of this invariably takes place on the foundation of Law. It is our legal system and its enforcement that makes moral thinking, dialogue, and, subsequently progress possible.

For the past 30 years, I have labored to stay current on most of the news coming out of the Developing World, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. I have studied world religions and cultures extensively for decades. Fluent in Spanish, I am published in that language in the areas of history and gender studies.

International humanitarian law: a universal code. Is international humanitarian law up to the job of protecting the people affected by modern-day armed conflicts? This film looks in turns at the poor security conditions frequently confronting civilians

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the LLM Degree, Women’s Issues Afghanistan

A young woman from Afghanistan who has now completed her undergraduate studies in the UK in Sociology and Criminology, I am presently gearing up at the age of 21 for a lifetime of human rights activism in support of my people, the women and children of Afghanistan. Your LLM Program in International Human Rights Law at XXXX University if my first choice for graduate school because of the focus and dedication of your program to the cause of international human rights.

We the women of Afghanistan are arguably the most victimized women on the planet, victims of violence and poverty born from one of the world’s most brutal patriarchies that has been torn apart by warfare for centuries, colonization attempts, cold war rivalries, and more recently the foremost hotbed of international terrorist proliferation. For some time now, the eyes of the world have been upon Afghanistan and the world has been making enormous, international military and civil efforts to pacify and develop my country, with the women all too often caught up in the crossfire resulting from attempts at modernization in a country where many see Western-style development as heresy punishable by death. The sale of female children in marriage, femicide, attacks on girl’s schools, the assassination of women politicians, they all continue on a daily basis, fed by frequently corrupt, Western-supported politicians on one side and a virulently violent fundamentalist movement on the other, the Taliban, which continues to elude efforts to destroy it. Peace talks between the two sides are making no progress.

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My service is quite different from other statement writing services on the Internet for several reasons. I am the little guy on the web, not a big business like most of my competitors. You deal directly with me. I answer all of your questions completely free of charge and I am solely responsible for producing a statement that you are very pleased with.

Sample 1st Paragraph LLM Degree Human Rights, African-American

I am a young African-American woman who takes great pride in her celebration of diversity and multicultural immersion. Living in Japan and nearing fluency in Japanese, I seek out people from all over the world to learn from, especially concerning questions of human rights. I intend to make my concern for human rights the center of my career focus since my short term goal is to serve my country as a Foreign Service Officer in a diplomatic post. I see earning the LLM Degree in Human Rights from your program as the optimal preparation for useful service in the representation and implementation of US foreign policy abroad.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the JD Degree, Tax Attorney, Forensic Accounting, White Collar Crime, Civil Rights, African-American Woman and Married Mother of 4.

As a married mother of four who works a full time job and will complete my MBA early next year, I have become an expert at time management. My meticulous nature and dedication to the business world led me to complete my undergraduate studies with a major in accounting. My primary interests lie in the area of forensic accounting since I take special delight in the quest to catch white color criminals. As a volunteer, I have distinguished myself in particular with AIMS, the Association for the Improvement of Minorities.

I have a secondary but equally passionate interest in the area of civil rights. This is largely because I am an African-American woman and mother who is concerned with the issues faced by black America. While MLK was certainly one of my heroes, I have never been an activist myself. Nevertheless, especially now as a mother, I think of what it would be like to lose one of my children to racial profiling. I spend a lot of free time studying the Innocence Project and supporting them to the extent to which I am able. I want to move further in this direction. This aspect of my career will be my pro bono contribution, as I hope to earn my living as a tax attorney.

Successful Statements of Excellence in Human Rights Law

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The LLB Degree and Human Rights Law

Law has been considered one of the most highly esteemed and revered university subjects since its very beginnings. Legal issues affect almost every crucial aspect of life, including business and environmental matters, economics, international relations, trade and politics. Many applicants choose to specialize in human rights, before focusing on other areas of law, or as a specialization that later leads on to a career in the international human rights legal framework, such as those who work in the field of immigration. With international integration on the rise alongside a massive shift in and exchange of worldviews, today’s law school applicants may be more inclined to strive towards a LLB Degree with a specialization in Human Rights Law, especially if it corresponds to their own personal, specific areas of interests. The other principal reason law students choose to study in the area of human rights is because they want the opportunity to divulge and defend on a number of 21st century legal issues, such as terrorism, indigenous rights, invasion of privacy and other topics related to international law in the real world.


Human Rights Law Sample 1st Paragraph

A 22 year old woman from Azerbaijan, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree from the Law faculty of the Academy of XXXX under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2004. Currently employed as a legal assistant, I am completing a 2 month internship with UNESCO, confirming my engagement with human rights law as my life’s work. I hope to be accepted to your prestigious program because of your emphasis on legal issues related to democracy and human rights.

I live in a country with arbitrary arrest and detention of anyone that the government sees as a political opponent. There is an entrenched and pervasive corruption in the judiciary as well as law enforcement, all of which has resulted in restrictions on media freedom, freedom of assembly, and political participation. Completing your distinguished program will prepare me to work to change this situation after returning home.

The basic idea of human rights is that each one of us, no matter who we are or where we are born, is entitled to the same basic rights and freedoms. That may sound straightforward enough, but it gets incredibly complicated as soon as anyone tries to put t