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JD, Cuban, Human Rights, Education Law

You will undoubtedly have numerous applicants with higher LSAT scores then mine to your distinguished program at the University of XXXX. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that my application will be looked on favorably as a result of my combination of goals and experience in the area of education. 40 years old with infant twins, I need to stay in Miami where I have the company and support of my family. Even more importantly, perhaps, I want to study in Miami because I was born and raised in Cuba and Miami is the center of our culture. Given the demographics of the Cuban Diaspora, naturally, the University of XXXX is the center of the academic world with respect to Cuban issues and activities. Your program, therefore, is my first choice.

I have taught Math and Computer Science to students at different levels from Elementary School through college. Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus are the principal courses in which I have a lot of experience. Over the course of my career so far I have often reflected on the way in which teachers have to make decisions on and almost daily basis concerning the proper use of the law. It is as a teacher with years of classroom experience that I have cultivated a passionate interest for some time in the legal issues surrounding our education system.

The different leadership positions that I have held, in particular, have provided me with invaluable opportunities to learn about the law and its implications for our multicultural and multilingual society, generally speaking, and our educational systems in particular. Being a teacher now for more than 15 years has made me an active citizen, by learning as much as I could now for many years about current social issues that affect us all. Earning the JD Degree at the University of XXXX will provide me with the optimal preparation for giving something back to my community, Miami, Cuba, the United States, thinking globally and acting locally, giving everything that I have to the cause of justice in education.

It is my hope that you will allow me the honor and privilege of attending your program because you want a student who is also an highly experienced educator to have the privilege of earning the JD and going on to make important contributions to education in the area of Law—a first generation immigrant perspective, a Cuban perspective, contributing to our interpretation of the complexities of the multicultural environment of the United States generally speaking, and South Florida in particular. I seek to dedicate the balance of my professional life to the defense of human rights, freedom, and liberty—particularly with respect to education. My principal areas of interest in which I hope to spend decades doing research and publishing are equity in education, school reform, curriculum development and applications, and testing.

I thank you for considering my application to your program. 

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