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LLM Masters, International Law, Turkey

I am a well-qualified lawyer with substantial experience in Turkish law. My current work and higher studies are related to international law. I now seek to broaden my knowledge to encompass US law to fulfill my ultimate goal of establishing a firm enabling international transactions between entities operating under common law and codified systems.

I have raised in a very poor rural community in Turkey whose adult members were almost all illiterate and therefore vulnerable to those ready to misuse the law. Most local children left school at 12 to join the agricultural workforce. I was fortunate; my parents wanted me to continue my education and were prepared to make the substantial financial sacrifices to enable this. In Turkey, the pupils must pay fees to attend school after the elementary stage, supply their own textbooks, and strict uniform rules apply and involve high costs.

My parents were not the only ones who made sacrifices; it was a 1.5-hour walk each way to the nearest middle school, through the snow in winter. I also had to work in the fields during the holidays. Despite all the obstacles, I excelled in my studies and was awarded a rare scholarship at the end of my second year, and so I completed middle and high school. Having completed high school, I was obliged to work to assist my family. Local employment opportunities were minimal, and I worked as a waiter while studying for the university entrance examination. When I took the exam, I gained the highest score of all the students in my locality.

I took up a place at the prestigious Koc University to study history to teach that subject, which had always interested me. However, I had several friends who were studying law and was exposed to their discussions about the topic. I began some informal law studies, and my interest developed into a passion for the law. I decided that I could do more good in the world as a lawyer than as a teacher, recalling the confusion and panic caused in my home village when legal matters arose.

I abandoned my history course and returned home to study for entrance to law school and succeeded not only in gaining entry to a prestigious law school but was awarded three highly competitive scholarships to enable me to learn.

After graduating, I joined a well-known firm representing major Turkish media organizations. I gained experience in both civil and criminal cases and then moved to a firm specializing in commercial law. While this experience had been enjoyable and valuable, I wanted to work in the field of international law and moved on to work for a specialist firm. 

I then decided to enhance my knowledge and skills by pursuing a Master’s degree and joined a program that is highly competitive and takes only 30 students each year. While still working long hours, I completed the program in one year with a very high mark. During this time, I wrote a paper relating to leasing agreements in Turkey, which was submitted to the Bar Association Magazine at the prompting of my professor, and subsequently published.

I am currently working on my thesis, which relates to a comparison of Turkish and US law relating to leasing agreements which have required an appreciation of US common law.

My employer enabled me to move to the US to improve my English and broaden my knowledge of US law. Now I am ready to take the next step in my legal education journey by enhancing my skills and expertise in both US and international law by joining a challenging but supportive Master’s program at a major US university. I have carefully considered the programs available to me and conclude that your own is an excellent ‘fit’ to enable me to achieve my goals.

Having undertaken some research, I understand the techniques applied and the characteristics required of an influential researcher. I hope to be allowed to assist in research relating to arbitration during the program.

I believe that my substantial experience of operating in a foreign legal system, together with an understanding of US civil law, will enable me to add considerable value to a class studying international law, and to which I am convinced I can bring valuable and interesting insights. My background will, I hope, assure as to my exceptional commitment, intelligence, and diligence that have taken me so far from the poor rural community in which I was raised.

I know that there will be many, well-qualified applicants for such a prestigious program. However, I feel that I am an exceptional candidate; I possess a genuine passion for the law and am determined to participate enthusiastically in the program and to excel within it. 

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