LLM Personal Statement, International Corporate Law

I have no family connection to the law but I did harbor the occasional teenage fantasy in which I strode confidently around a courtroom amazing a jury with my persuasive oratory and pulling off an almost impossible courtroom coup resulting in a standing ovation from an appreciative audience.  I have always been someone who is ready to share my opinion about things and eager to be a leader and organizer. I enjoyed debate and excelled in it during my school years. I was also elected president of the student council and known as “Mr. President” by some, perhaps slightly mockingly! I suppose some might have described me as a little loud and perhaps too ready to speak up but, at least, no-one has ever expressed surprise by my choice of career. I feel very fortunate to have identified my métier so easily and accurately and have enjoyed my career to date.

 My degree specialization was in Corporation Law and I graduated with a pleasing final mark of 9.0/10 reflecting a passion for my chosen specialty, intelligence and diligence as a student. Since graduating, I have worked in progressively more challenging and interesting roles in corporate law and now regard myself as having a good general grounding in that area of work. I have also been teaching Foreign Investments at Anahuac University since January 2010 and I am the youngest faculty member teaching there.

My goals now are to join the program to extend my skills and knowledge in my specialty, to excel within the program and then to return to Mexico and work for a local company or a US company based there. I love my country and want very much to contribute to its economic well being and progress; I see participation in the program as an opportunity to help me fulfill this goal. Like many of my countrymen, I am concerned at the economic distortions that result from corruption and I hope that my participation in the program might, ultimately, help me to reduce this blight on the local business environment. I should be interested in assisting in research into the effects of corruption, specifically into the application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  I also intend to continue my teaching, I know that I am an effective teacher and I greatly enjoy passing on my knowledge and enthusiasm to young lawyers.

Amongst the  reasons that the NYU program is particularly attractive to me are:  that it is specifically designed for foreign educated lawyers such as myself; the breadth of the curriculum, encompassing relevant subjects other than the law; the opportunity to design an individualized program; the fact that the faculty members have international prestige in their respective fields; and the knowledge that this prestigious program will attract the ‘cream’ of young international corporate lawyers and so provide opportunities to profit greatly from the insights of my fellow class members as well as the chance to share my own.

I have always considered that those fortunate enough to work in the comparatively well rewarded field of the law, have a responsibility to ‘give something back’. During my first job, I joined the Appleseed Foundation, an organization providing pro-bono advice and was appointed to negotiate with firms to achieve an increase in hours donated. I designed a voluntary agreement to this end, providing for each participating firm to donate 120 hours and, in this way, tripled the amount of pro-bono work being done. It is my intention to continue to give and encourage others to give time and skills to those unable to afford legal guidance.

 I am used to working as a team member and enjoy doing so. I expect my input to team efforts to be acknowledged and am always happy to readily acknowledge that provided by other team members. I am currently a member of team that includes lawyers working for firms in Singapore and Toronto.  I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of various cultural and social backgrounds and, although not widely travelled, I did spend a year in Toronto. I am curious about other cultures and look forward to learning more about them during the program and by living in New York.

 I know that the program attracts many well qualified applicants; however I do genuinely consider myself to be an exceptional candidate. My bachelor degree is in a directly relevant specialty; my academic results demonstrate that I possess the academic ability and work ethic to profit from the program; my career background will enable me to provide useful insights and to ‘add value’ to my class; and I have useful teaching and research experience that I can bring to the program. My main recommendation is my passion for the study of corporate law and in contributing to its effectiveness and its future development locally and internationally.  I undertake to participate very enthusiastically in the program and to doing all I can to excel within it.

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All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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