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The most important thing that set me on track towards becoming an international citizen and attorney was that I was fortunate to spend almost one year in Los Angeles, California, USA as an exchange student from China at only 12 years old. This did wonders for my English and enabled my international identity to blossom, especially as I travelled abroad to Australia, other parts of the USA, Europe, and South East Asia. I am now making excellent progress in French and look forward to using this language as well in my travels and especially professionally as an international attorney.

My experience with the English language and the great cultural diversity of Los Angeles was complimented by another full year of study abroad at the age of 15, this time in Singapore, another highly successful social experiment with respect to both English language and cultural and ethnic diversity. I have been in England now since the age of 16, for the past six years, learning more than ever in still another great land characterized by enormous diversity and the motherland of the English language. Thus, my studies and my travels have been highly complementary in every way. In addition to my formal educational experiences as an adolescent in the USA and Singapore, I have also spent as much time as possible in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Holland, the Netherlands, Norway, Cyprus, and Mexico. All of these experiences have heightened my desire to practice international law.

I seek admission to the LLM Programme at XXXX because I see your institution as the optimal venue for me to enhance my education and professional standing since XXXXLaw is recognised as one of best centres of legal education in the world. I see your curriculum as the perfect springboard for the enhancement of my understanding of how to integrate theory with practice. Your globally renowned professors will ensure that I can fully synthesise the dynamism of the school, empowering me to validate my experiences and put them to work.

XXXX Law’s programme and resources are the best assurance that I can complete the Legal Practice Course and obtain a two-year training contract followed by the rank of solicitor. In this position, I will continue to work towards strengthening my knowledge base in light of global perspectives, always seeking to develope a holistic understanding of the law as it influences the lives of people and relationships between countries.

My parents had to surmount great legal challenges or barriers in order to fully excel at their business endeavours. The difficulties and failures that they encountered and endured led them to new levels of discernment that I share as a result of living through the same experiences. Our family business ventures are no longer as precarious as they once were; nevertheless, this is another reason why I plan to earn the LLM Degree, to better prepare myself to protect the sustainability of the business affairs of my own family in China.

I am most interested in developing a deeper understanding of the development of Chinese society—understanding the past so as to better understand the future. With the rapid progress brought about by globalisation, my interest has widened to include the function of the law to moderate and direct the pace of development in such a way that the stability of society can be maintained. I have become increasingly aware, especially throughout the course of my 6 years in England, of the way in which the prosperity of Western countries has been attained not only by technological advancement but also by guidance of the rule of law. This is why I feel strongly that China, as a developing country, should value the experiences of the West and learn from the West, incorporating Western legal practices where possible into Chinese law, especially for the sake of winning our battle for greater levels of transparency and in order to do better at our fight against corruption.

I have established a solid foundation for my legal education at the University of XXXX, excelling in extracurricular activities, in particular, which were also an invaluable learning experience. I was elected as Vice President of the Chinese Student and Scholars Association, which represents one of the biggest ethnic groups at the University of Sussex, participating in projects that benefitted more than 1,500 Chinese students in XXXX and other Asians in Brighton as well. One highlight of my life so far was helping to organize the biggest Chinese New Year Gala yet, in the Brighton Royal Pavilion and praised by the Mayor of Brighton. This gala in 2014 brought together all nationalities, presenting Chinese history and culture in the form of Arts and Entertainment. The success of this event was evidenced by our nomination as the best social event of the year at the University of XXXX. 

Finally, my internship at a Hong Kong solicitor firm, where I wrote articles for alternative dispute resolution proceeding, provided me with the space to observe business trials first-hand. Conflict resolution, conciliation, and perhaps most of all conflict avoidance, will be my guiding stars that inform my journey into the future armed with an LLM Degree from XXXX.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program,

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