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As a lawyer from Brazil and a woman who is very passionate about Law and social justice, my central professional goal is to fully prepare myself for and pass the BAR Examination and become a licensed attorney in the State of Florida. I was born in England and returned to the country of my birth in 2013, in an exploratory trip since I was thinking about expanding my legal career in England. Next, I came to Miami and ultimately had to decide between the two. I chose Miami and have now made it my home, which is the principle reason the University of XXXX is my first choice to earn the LLM Degree - not only because it is the finest program in Florida with the most developed and extensive attention to questions of social justice - but also because I am married with a child and established in Miami.

My husband and the father of my child is Cuban, this relationship has enabled me to perfect my Spanish language skills and to learn a great deal about Cuban Americans and their long and poignant story here in Miami. Perhaps the greatest skill that I will bring to your program is being fluent in Spanish along with my native Portuguese, thus positioning me well for a career of service to the minority members of my community who are originally from Latin America or the Caribbean.

Earning a fully international LLM Degree at the University of XXXX will provide me with the opportunity to become as well versed as possible in how law is practiced in America, not only learning from my classes and my professors, but also from exposure to students of law and legal professionals from all over the world. I also appreciate the fact that some of the credits that I earn in your LLM program can be applied later on if I should be accepted to the JD program at the University of XXXX.

Miami is not only home to the Cuban Diaspora, but it is also the destination of choice for visitors from Brazil as well as those who decide to stay and make the USA their home. Brazilians that can afford to do so, fly to Miami to go shopping. I look forward to many decades of networking and labor on behalf of Brazilians, Cubans, and others – especially speakers of Portuguese or Spanish and people originally from Latin America, supporting and networking with the non-profit organizations that they create.

My special training in Brazil was in the area of Labor Law and Human Rights and I gained volunteer and research experience in Labor Law in Brazil. I look forward, in particular, to working with a non-profit organization after earning a professional degree in America. I am particularly impressed by the work of Women for Women International, working with woman victims of war and other woman who have been victimized or marginalized.

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