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Saudi Arabian Woman Seeks LLM Degree to Promote Women's Rights in Her Country

A Saudi Arabian woman who has grown up mostly in Canada, still only 20 years old, I have big professional dreams in law; most of them are focused on the land of my parents, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both of my parents are from the KSA but we moved to Canada 11 years ago when I was still 8 because my parents have three daughters and they did not want to raise their girls in Saudi Arabia because women and girls are discriminated against in our country. My father is one of my foremost heroes because I respect him for his appreciation of women and female dignity, unlike so many of his countrymen. He has inspired me to return to the KSA and to fight for the human dignity of women and girls and the exercise of their legal rights.

Since I want very much to be part of the struggle for women’s rights in the KSA, I am very thankful that I did have the opportunity to study in Arabic for the first two years before we moved, because this helped me to learn to master Arabic later on, especially the reading and writing. I am fluent in Arabic, reading, writing, and speaking, although my English is much better. I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished LLM Program at XXXX University because of the sheer excellence and prominent focus of your curriculum on the subject of human and women’s rights. While the failure of the KSA to allow women to drive a vehicle gets the most international attention, it is also very important to note that women attorneys have only been allowed to practice law in Saudi Arabia since 2013, and they are still widely discriminated against with many obstacles placed in their path as a result of their gender. Often if not generally speaking, Saudi courts do not take them as seriously as they would a male lawyer.

I look forward to someday seeing at least a nearly complete equality of Saudi citizens of both genders – within my lifetime – meaning we have a very long way to go and I am anxious to get started after earning my LLM Degree. I want to devote my life to the empowerment of women, setting an example for others to follow. I hope to open a law firm in the KSA at some point that promotes female lawyers and helps to give them the confidence that they need to succeed against long odds.

My long term goals include earning a PHD in Law, the degree that commands the highest level of respect, especially in the KSA. To begin, I hope to earn the LLM Degree instead of the LPC because training to acquire a license in Saudi Arabia after the LLM requires only one year; with the LPC, it is 3 years. 

I thank you for considering my application to the LLM Program at XXXX University.

Law School (LLM) in the US: Application Tips

LLM degree in Commercial or Business Law?

Individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in finance, international commerce and global policy making, or who wish to practice as a barrister or solicitor under the court of law, may be strongly compelled to obtain a LLM degree, otherwise known as Master of Laws. Applicants who seek to complete this degree are generally interesting in legal practice. While the LLB degree or Bachelor of Laws is considered the first admission into legal practice, further training and schooling is often required in the United States and Canada. As a result, American and Canadian applicants often opt for a Juris Doctor or Masters of Laws degree. Students who choose to study in the area of business in commercial law specifically, may be attracted to the idea of becoming a corporate solicitor, commercial or finance lawyer, or serve as legal counsel for a large firm, whether internationally or domestically. With the recent national surplus of undergraduate law students, the employment rate for LLB graduates has unfortunately decreased: so one of the major advantages for applicants who choose to obtain their LLM degree in Commercial and Business Law is the increased amount of compensation these individuals are likely to receive for their work as a specialized attorney in their field.

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Law School Admission Application Statement Help and the Developing World

 As a historian of Latin America and someone who has now spent more than a quarter of a century living and working in the Developing World, I take special delight at helping applicants to LLM and JD Programs who are themselves originally from the Developing World and seek ongoing professional education in Law so as to contribute to the political and economic development of their societies of origin.

 Excellent law schools provide a solid foundation of interdisciplinary theories and practices to improve the quality of life for populations in the developing world and I am especially fond of working with the themes of sustainable human development, leading to societies that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just.

The Humanitarian Side of the LLM Degree

You would be hard pressed to find a law student who didn’t at least silently harbor ambitions of becoming a truly inspired human rights lawyer. And there are certainly individuals who prove these dreams can become reality.

Here are some of the best and brightest human rights legal experts from around the world.

Louise Arbour

Canadian lawyer, Louise Arbour, left her post as a judge of the Supreme Court in Canada just three years into her stint to serve as Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

Later in her career, she took it one step further to become the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the UN. Louise has been responsible for indicting Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes including genocide committed in Kosovo while he was still president of the Republic of Yugoslavia.

More recently, she confronted the Bush administration over the Iraq War, the death penalty, and the war on terror.

Geoffrey Robertson QC

This resident silver fox of human rights law, Geoffrey Robertson, plays The Justice Game better than most legal minds of our generation.

Among his previous famous and notorious clientele are Salman Rushdie, Johnny Rotten, Malcolm X, and a handful of IRA bombers.

Despite the air of glamour and scandal surrounding Robertson’s cases, his record is indisputable evidence of his fight for human rights on an international level—Robertson has served as a UN appeal judge, as President of the War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone, and has acted for the Human Rights and Equality Commission in a landmark case defining the “right to dignity”. He is now working alongside fellow human rights Barrister, Amal Clooney nee Alamuddin, to win the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

Shirin Ebadi

In 1975, Shirin Ebadi became the first female judge in Iran. She was appointed to the bench of Tehran’s City Court. From there, she founded the Association for Support of Children’s Rights in 1995 and the Human Rights Defense Centre in 2001.

Her efforts were rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, making Ebadi the first Muslim woman to ever receive this honor.

Ebadi has campaigned to end legal discrimination against women in Iran within as well as outside the courts. She initiated the One Million Signatures campaign in Iran (a petition to repeal discriminatory laws). Ebadi now defends 50 women imprisoned for collecting signatures on charges of undermining national security.

Gao Zhisheng

Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng is a proud dissident from the world’s largest communist state. Though Gao has been recognised by China’s Ministry of Justice as one of the country’s ten best lawyers, his legal bouts have led to his detainment without charges on a number of occasions, including a number of mysterious disappearances.

Gao has campaigned for religious freedom in China by representing the State-banned religious group Falun Gong. He also ran the Open Constitution Initiative out of his own home to advocate the rule of law and greater constitutional protections in the PRC.

Until recently, Gao was under house arrest in China on a daily diet of a slice of bread and a piece of cabbage. But he is currently being released and moved to the United States for treatment due to his deteriorating health.

Razan Zatouneh

Syrian human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh is the youngest legal expert in this list. Despite her comparatively short career to date, she already has an impressive record. Her campaign for human rights in Syria speaks for itself.

After graduating from law school, Zaitouneh wasted no time in diving into Syria’s often dangerous court system, defending political prisoners and co-founding the Human Rights Association in Syria.

A prominent voice against the Assad regime and in support of peaceful revolution, Zaitouneh continues her defense of and for human rights in Syria. In late 2013, shortly after a phone interview with an American TV journalist, Zaitouneh, her husband, and two fellow activists were kidnapped from their offices. To this day, the activitists´ whereabouts are still unknown. She has been nominated and won various awards, including the International Women of Courage Award in 2013 and the Martin Ennals Award 2016.

What could be better than having a LLM? Using it to do some real good in the world. You don´t have to go in the same direction as these lawyers, you will carve out your own path. Where will it take you? We look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

LLM Personal Statement Sample for US University, Applicant from Columbia

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Law at the prestigious University of the Andes in Bogota which I shall complete in June 2017 and I hope to begin your distinguished LLM Program at XXXX University that following August. I have also undertaken an internship in the PR and Commercial Department of a major legal firm and, since August, I have been undertaking an internship in the Customs and International Trade team of one of the most prominent legal firms in Columbia. This is the area of law which most interests me and the point of this application is to acquire the specialist skills and knowledge to enable me to join the firm and to apply them in order to encourage and facilitate direct foreign investment and consequent growth and employment in Columbia. My ultimate goal is to lead the team in the firm dealing with customs, international trade and foreign investment.

I chose the law as a career because I wanted to make a significant and beneficial difference especially in my homeland. My debating ability and, communication and analytical skills seemed to make the law a natural choice and, as my training and experience has progressed, I have become increasingly fascinated and passionate about the role of the law in creating and maintaining stability and security individually, corporately and internationally.

I am aware that the practice of law calls for uncommon characteristics and skills and I believe that I possess them or have the potential to acquire them or I would not be making this application.  I am intellectually curious and love to add to my store of knowledge, I am capable of original and creative thinking about problems, I am happy to collaborate with others to achieve a desired outcome, I get on easily with others and seek to be empathetic. I am a successful debater and public speaker.  I was also elected president of the student council by my peers at school.  I participated in a ‘Moot Court’ competition in International Investment Law and was commended as being one of the best speakers for my contribution. I was also a member of a successful debating team at university and have participated in ‘Model UN’s’, two of them at Harvard. I have thoroughly enjoyed all these challenges which have enabled me to hone my skills in constructing and analyzing arguments, and in communicating with confidence and clarity.

I have devoted significant time to voluntary activities which I regard as an obligation for those as fortunate as I have been. I have, for the last 10 years, worked in a school in a very poor area Bogota. For a year, I have worked with a foundation called ‘PAIS’ in providing ‘pro-bono’ legal advice to the marginalized including prisoners and those with cognitive or physical disabilities. I find great satisfaction, and even joy, in these activities.

I have carefully researched the programs available and regard your own as an excellent ‘fit’ to enable me to achieve my goals. I am seeking a highly challenging but supportive academic environment and am confident that Northeastern will provide this. I am particularly drawn by the concept of the ‘Cooperative’ program which provides significant and relevant ‘hands-on’ experience and training to prepare students for practice of the law in the real world. In my special areas of interests, international contacts will be unusually important and I see the ‘Coop’ as an opportunity to initiate such relationships. I am also greatly impressed by the school’s forward looking approach demonstrated by its ‘NuLawLab’ facility. Clearly the practice of law will, along with many other service providing professions, be increasingly affected by technology and I want to be among the pioneers in this respect, I also look forward to using its capacity to provide legal training.

I seek to be a ‘well-rounded’ person. I am an enthusiastic squash and golf player, I read widely and enjoy the theatre. Spanish is my native language and I communicate easily in English both in writing and speech. I also speak French at basic level and intend to extend my knowledge as time permits. I have spent three months in the US and have visited the UK and France. I enjoy learning about other cultures and to sharing knowledge of my own rich heritage.

I believe that my academic career, background and experience of Columbian law will enable me to ‘add value’ to the program which I intend to pursue with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm.

I want to help you get admitted to Law School. Let us seize the high moral ground together as a team!

My service is also distinguished from other law school personal statement services by my humanitarian emphasis. I take the high moral ground, fostering a sense of historical justice through the celebration of diversity. Most of my clients are international students, and I enjoy helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the field of law, people like you who want to make the world a better place. I help you brainstorm ideas free of charge so as to make your long term goals as creative and convincing as possible, helping you to weave the disparate elements of your story together in an eloquent fashion that causes you to stand out from the crowd.

While my PHD is in the area of Religion, I like to think of myself as more of a historian than a theologian. My focus has always been on moral theory and thinking as it relates to politics and international relations; yet, I have always been aware of how all of this invariably takes place on the foundation of Law. It is our legal system and its enforcement that makes moral thinking, dialogue, and, subsequently progress possible.

For the past 30 years, I have labored to stay current on most of the news coming out of the Developing World, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. I have studied world religions and cultures extensively for decades. Fluent in Spanish, I am published in that language in the areas of history and gender studies,

How to write an awesome LLM application