I want to help you get admitted to Law School. Let us seize the high moral ground together as a team!

My service is also distinguished from other law school personal statement services by my humanitarian emphasis. I take the high moral ground, fostering a sense of historical justice through the celebration of diversity. Most of my clients are international students, and I enjoy helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the field of law, people like you who want to make the world a better place. I help you brainstorm ideas free of charge so as to make your long term goals as creative and convincing as possible, helping you to weave the disparate elements of your story together in an eloquent fashion that causes you to stand out from the crowd.

While my PHD is in the area of Religion, I like to think of myself as more of a historian than a theologian. My focus has always been on moral theory and thinking as it relates to politics and international relations; yet, I have always been aware of how all of this invariably takes place on the foundation of Law. It is our legal system and its enforcement that makes moral thinking, dialogue, and, subsequently progress possible.

For the past 30 years, I have labored to stay current on most of the news coming out of the Developing World, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. I have studied world religions and cultures extensively for decades. Fluent in Spanish, I am published in that language in the areas of history and gender studies,

LLM degree in Commercial or Business Law?

Individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in finance, international commerce and global policy making, or who wish to practice as a barrister or solicitor under the court of law, may be strongly compelled to obtain a LLM degree, otherwise known as Master of Laws. Applicants who seek to complete this degree are generally interesting in legal practice. While the LLB degree or Bachelor of Laws is considered the first admission into legal practice, further training and schooling is often required in the United States and Canada. As a result, American and Canadian applicants often opt for a Juris Doctor or Masters of Laws degree. Students who choose to study in the area of business in commercial law specifically, may be attracted to the idea of becoming a corporate solicitor, commercial or finance lawyer, or serve as legal counsel for a large firm, whether internationally or domestically. With the recent national surplus of undergraduate law students, the employment rate for LLB graduates has unfortunately decreased: so one of the major advantages for applicants who choose to obtain their LLM degree in Commercial and Business Law is the increased amount of compensation these individuals are likely to receive for their work as a specialized attorney in their field.

Law School (LLM) in the US: Application Tips for International Students. Jan Bosmans obtained an LLM from the University of Pennsylvania. In this video he gives tips to other students on the application process.

Successful Statements of Excellence for Admission to LLM Degree Programs

Law School Admission Application Statement Help and the Developing World

 As a historian of Latin America and someone who has now spent more than a quarter of a century living and working in the Developing World, I take special delight at helping applicants to LLM and JD Programs who are themselves originally from the Developing World and seek ongoing professional education in Law so as to contribute to the political and economic development of their societies of origin.

 Excellent law schools provide a solid foundation of interdisciplinary theories and practices to improve the quality of life for populations in the developing world and I am especially fond of working with the themes of sustainable human development, leading to societies that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just.

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How to write an awesome LLM application, from U of T Law. Associate Deans of the University of Toronto Law School, Prof. Mariana Mota Prado (Graduate Studies) and Prof. Ben Alarie (First Year Program) answer questions about how to write an effective LLM a

Saudi Arabian Woman Seeks LLM Degree to Promote Women's Rights in Her Country

A Saudi Arabian woman who has grown up mostly in Canada, still only 20 years old, I have big professional dreams in law; most of them are focused on the land of my parents, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both of my parents are from the KSA but we moved to Canada 11 years ago when I was still 8 because my parents have three daughters and they did not want to raise their girls in Saudi Arabia because women and girls are discriminated against in our country. My father is one of my foremost heroes because I respect him for his appreciation of women and female dignity, unlike so many of his countrymen. He has inspired me to return to the KSA and to fight for the human dignity of women and girls and the exercise of their legal rights.

Since I want very much to be part of the struggle for women’s rights in the KSA, I am very thankful that I did have the opportunity to study in Arabic for the first two years before we moved, because this helped me to learn to master Arabic later on, especially the reading and writing. I am fluent in Arabic, reading, writing, and speaking, although my English is much better. I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished LLM Program at XXXX University because of the sheer excellence and prominent focus of your curriculum on the subject of human and women’s rights. While the failure of the KSA to allow women to drive a vehicle gets the most international attention, it is also very important to note that women attorneys have only been allowed to practice law in Saudi Arabia since 2013, and they are still widely discriminated against with many obstacles placed in their path as a result of their gender. Often if not generally speaking, Saudi courts do not take them as seriously as they would a male lawyer.

I look forward to someday seeing at least a nearly complete equality of Saudi citizens of both genders – within my lifetime – meaning we have a very long way to go and I am anxious to get started after earning my LLM Degree. I want to devote my life to the empowerment of women, setting an example for others to follow. I hope to open a law firm in the KSA at some point that promotes female lawyers and helps to give them the confidence that they need to succeed against long odds.

My long term goals include earning a PHD in Law, the degree that commands the highest level of respect, especially in the KSA. To begin, I hope to earn the LLM Degree instead of the LPC because training to acquire a license in Saudi Arabia after the LLM requires only one year; with the LPC, it is 3 years. 

I thank you for considering my application to the LLM Program at XXXX University.

Writing the personal statement for your LLM application. A short video with do's and don't for writing the personal statement for your LLM application. To learn more about the LLM program at Pitt Law and LLM admissions, visit us at!