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Undergraduate Law LLB Admission Application

My father raised a little girl who promised to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. My father had always told me my career was destined in the profession of Law; I had, of course, been ignorant of this. Thinking the only reason he had told me so was to carry the family tradition, as he was one himself. However, once I was left to discover myself, I went and battled the book ‘GCSE LAW’ by Jacqueline Martin. In it, I found myself. I love the law because it is a subject that concerns all aspects of life...

Injustice is all around us. Just open the daily newspaper or switch your TV channel to the news. Words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and speeches contain devastating conflicts ranging from massacres to rape to celebrity divorce flow out. Who ought to be punished? Who ought to be free? For me, only the law can decide. These experiences have strengthened my desire to work for an institution that brings about equity to all. Law provides the freedom, opportunity, and choice to live, be it for an individual or the country as a whole. A government should always be constructed according to the law. Public administrations, the army, and the police force should also be built under the direction. Money, an essential part of one’s life and a country’s existence, emerges from financial sectors, which should be constructed and operated according to the law. For me, Life on earth still exists because of the law. These experiences have strengthened my desire to work for an institution that brings about equity to all.

The subjects that I currently study at St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College are essay based and require one to analyze and zoom into every detail, which, in the law profession, is what one is required to do. Psychology, being a people person, is perfect as it describes human behavior to understand how and why we as humans behave the way we do. Through History and Religious Studies, I have greatly enhanced my analytical and writing skills. I have learned how to express my points economically while generating, in most situations, several conclusions. Therefore, these subjects prepare me for the law degree that I would, with passion, want to take on further in university and further on.

For a work experience placement, I worked in Woolworths for two weeks. I have, from these two weeks, learned more than I had expected, as this was the first time I had set myself out into the world of work. It gave me the ability to communicate with unfamiliar people under a variety of circumstances. At present, I volunteer at a local Cancer Research UK shop. This, I find much more enjoyable than I thought. I have learned how to approach people of different ages and, at times, be able to discuss current affairs and social issues. I am also a form representative of CAFOD, a charity that helps the needy in a developing country, Ethiopia. As I was born in the country myself, I have adequate knowledge of the unfortunate of factors that cause problems, including poverty like, nature, and the injustice of the government. Therefore, I firmly believe that I have acquired valuable skills and experience from these ventures, qualities which I hope would contribute significantly to a promising career studying Law at university.

In the time that I spare, I enjoy reading factual and fictional books. ‘Ugly’ and ‘Beyond Ugly,’ based on a true story, by Constance Briscoe, whereby a journey of a young woman becoming a lawyer is demonstrated, have played a significant role in inspiring me unto my desire to become a lawyer; patience is a virtue. The book ‘Noughts And Crosses’ by Marolie Blackman and the following three parts built an image in my head of what it feels and is like to be living in an unjust society, further encouraging me to fight injustices and bring about a change. Activity-wise, I am part of one of the most extensive Zumba fitness classes around London and weekly participate to free my mind and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am also a practicing Orthodox Christian and have experience in organizing conferences and unique church festivals at my church. When I could spare quite a lot of time, I participated in the church choir too.

I am a happy person and thank the creator for what I have in life. I firmly maintain my beliefs: I have a potential in life and the only way to fulfill it is to carry on with my passion for studying law at university and going into the profession of becoming a lawyer. I am positively looking forward to joining your university, which I believe would give me both the academic and social life that I will be comfortable with. I thank you for your consideration of my application to your distinguished program.

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