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LLM Human Rights, International, Spanish Mom

A Spanish-American woman and an attorney with dual US-Spanish citizenship, I now seek to broaden my career on an international level and prepare myself for service with a global, European-based, non-governmental organization, serving as an advocate for the rights of the elderly. Thus, I seek to earn…

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LLM Masters Tax Law, Chinese Businessman

XXU is my first choice among LLM programs for a variety of reasons, most of all my profound admiration for the thoroughly international character of your program and the fact that my special area of interest, Tax Law, is figured quite prominently in your curriculum. In fact, I see XXU Law as the mos…

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LLM Labor Law, Sociology, African Studies

I came from a family of social activists and became involved myself at the age of fourteen. My underprivileged background and ethnicity made me personally and acutely aware that many people suffer considerable injustices in their working lives, and I wanted to help to minimize those injustices. Init…

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JD Environmental Law, Canada

I will never forget Christmas when I was nine years old, seeing the gifts wrapped in garbage bags. One after the other, my mother handed out our gifts until we each had a few. Before we knew it, there was colored paper and tape everywhere. Woah! I had just received a Sony Walkman cassette player for…

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MA Human Rights Law, Indian Woman

A sensitive and socially conscious woman from New Delhi, India, now 23, I take pride in my empathy for the least fortunate members of our community, especially those that are victims of injustice. For years now, I have looked around me and felt passionate empathy, in particular, with women who suffe…

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LLM Human, Women’s Rights, Brazilian

As a lawyer from Brazil and a woman who is very passionate about Law and social justice, my central professional goal is to fully prepare myself for and pass the BAR Examination and become a licensed attorney in the State of Florida. I was born in England and returned to the country of my birth in 2…

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LLM Human Rights and Social Justice, Columbian

Living in the USA now for just over a decade, I look back at where I came from, my homeland, Colombia, with great affection. Even here in the USA, I am defined by the fact that I am not just a Latina, but a ‘Colombian-American’ woman. Not all is wonderful about the land from whence I came since it i…

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LLM, London, UAE, Refugees, European

Each day shortly after rising, I look at my face in the mirror, and I allow my gaze to linger for a few moments of reflection. I see the beginning of a young, reflective, and quite determined European man. Perhaps the characteristic of my face that takes center stage in my young life at this point i…

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LLM, UK, Applicant from Bahrain

The ethos of hard work, determination, and fairness is ingrained in me through the influence of family members, primarily that of my grandfather. He was a very hard-working small trader who, through his diligence, determination, and reputation for fair dealing, advanced to owning one of the most suc…

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JD/MS Social Policy Joint Degree, Chinese

The University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate study because I want very much to study simultaneously towards both the JD Degree and the MS Degree in Social Policy. Most importantly, I appreciate how your program is highly distinguished for its interdisciplinary character, with students exp…

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LLM UK, Business Law, Chinese Applicant


The most important thing that set me on track towards becoming an international citizen and attorney was that I was fortunate to spend almost one year in Los Angeles, California, USA as an exchange student from China at only 12 years old. This did wonder for my English and enabled my internation…

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LLM Human Rights China, Applicant Couple

I am in a long-term relationship with my significant other, Andrew XXXX, and we are both applying to your LLM Program at XXXX University because we want very much to study together and to live in what we see as the most exciting place in the world. We are Chinese democracy advocates who seek to lear…

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LLM Family Law, Chinese Democracy Activist

I am part of a long-term relationship with the love of my life, XXXX XXXX, who is also a legal professional. We are both from Hong Kong, and we are building our legal careers together. We both hope to be accepted to XXXX University as students in your incoming Fall Program. We would like very much t…

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JD, Cuban, Human Rights, Education Law

You will undoubtedly have numerous applicants with higher LSAT scores than mine to your distinguished program at the University of XXXX. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that my application will be looked upon favorably due to my combination of goals and experience in the area of education. Forty year…

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JD Finance & Investment, China to Canada

As a young Chinese man who immigrated to Canada from China 3 years ago, I recently received my Canadian passport. I have also had the privilege of spending significant amounts of time in most European countries as well as New Zealand and the USA.

Next year, 2015, I will finish my undergraduate degr…

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Diversity Statement International Law, Chinese

The most important aspect of my contribution to your distinguished LLM Program in Law at XXXX University, and the subsequent distinguished career in international business law that I hope to develop subsequently, is the fact that I am now Chinese-Canadian, having recently received my Canadian passpo…

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JD/MBA Joint Degree, Latin American, Caribbean

The joint JD/MBA Program at Florida International University is my first choice for graduate study for various reasons. Most of all, it is the thoroughgoing international focus of your program, combined with the vast resources of XXU. Since I finished my undergraduate degree at XXU, I am also well e…

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JD International Law, Death Penalty. African American

Working in criminal justice was the goal that I set for myself while still a child, heavily influenced by America’s glamorization of law enforcement on television. As I matured into an adult, I came to see it as less and less glamorous and more and more tragic. Ultimately, I decided on a career in t…

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LLM, Human Rights, Egyptian Attorney

From my early days as a high school student, going on to study law and becoming a lawyer was my driving ambition. Now, as an Egyptian attorney, I have been influenced by many of our politicians as well as professional lawyers, and I seek to enter an LLM program to find my voice as an international c…

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LLM Corporate Governance, Ukrainian Applicant

Your world-class LLM Program in Corporate Governance & Practice at XXXX University is my first choice for further graduate study not only because of the prestige of your program, but primarily because I feel that I am the best fit for your program given my interests and experience. I seek a thorough…

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