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For the last several years, I have been cultivating an incredible passion for the subject of Law, especially since I had the opportunity to complete an internship at Blackburn Magistrates Court, which provided me with an insider's perspective on the English Legal System and an undying curiosity concerning the purpose, value, strengths, and weaknesses of our legal codes. Criminology and Criminal Defense are clearly where my passion lies, so I hope very much to build a distinguished career in this area.

While studying for my AS pre-legal qualifications, I attended a Behind Bars conference in Manchester in which I gained my first close-up look at how our legal system works, paying incredibly close attention to the reactions from the audience about sentencing, always alert for the potential of any miscarriage of justice. This experience helped to open up new, fresh and creative perspectives in my way of thinking about the English Legal System.

In college, I especially enjoyed the case studies on Contract Law. I came to increasingly appreciate the way that our legal systems serve and are the glue of our society; and, in fact, make all other activity possible as a result of the way that our legal system enforces basic rules that enable commerce, social interaction, every form of human activity. I feel privileged and honored to have the opportunity to devote my professional life to something that is of such foundational importance to society.

Throughout my years as an undergraduate, I found that after my classes dealing with the English Legal system, I would continue to think about the material for hours after the class ended. This very much reinforced my conviction that law is my calling and made me more determined than ever to pursue the LLM Degree.

At the moment, I am in the process of completing my HE Diploma with a focus on psychology and criminology at a Level 3 standard. The psychology of criminals is a field of study that I have found incredibly mesmerizing, and it has helped me to see human nature, more generally speaking, in a much clearer light with the aid of the various paradigms that I have been studying in the literature.

At High school, I was given the honor of becoming a prefect, which inspired me to refine my time management skills significantly. A team player, I especially enjoyed study groups and social activities, music groups, and reading classes. Once I started college, I became a proud member of the debate team. I am an avid reader of many subjects, especially psychology, history, and politics. And in my spare time, I usually enjoy socializing with friends and college classmates. Nothing compares, however, to the delight of an afternoon spent at my local Magistrates Court, watching solicitors and magistrates in action.

Since graduation, I have been employed as a Customer Service Assistant, which has further enhanced my people skills, especially in dealing with complaints concerning customer service. This has been an invaluable opportunity for me to practice being judicious. By the time my shift ends, I am more than grateful to escape to my classes at night in Psychology and Criminology, I continue to work extremely hard to prepare myself for your LLM program because I want more than anything else to excel in a career in criminal law.


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