JD Personal Statement, Business Law, Azerbaijan

My desire to enter the legal profession dates back to my high school days in Baku, Azerbaijan; a period in which I began to understand how the government was rife with corruption, and that the legal system was far from just. I also reflected on the fact that a lack of respect for human rights had turned Azerbaijan into an outcast in the eyes of the global community. Although the situation appeared to be hopeless, I was determined to restore people's faith in law and justice. This idealism, in combination with sheer perseverance and disciplined, hard work, are the qualities I have attempted to infuse in each aspect of my life ever since. Although I have been resident in the United States since 2004, my appreciation of the merits of the American justice system has not allowed me to grow complacent. To the contrary, it has only reaffirmed my belief that justice is threatened as soon as we start to take it for granted. I therefore seek admission to your program so that I may benefit from the mentorship of some of our most distinguished legal minds, and then in turn, utilize my newfound knowledge and abilities in the service of my adopted homeland, which I have come to love so dearly. 

I am the first to concede that undertaking such a rigorous course in legal studies poses a considerable challenge. Unlike most law students, I have faced and overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. I would also have to work extra hard to familiarize myself with American legal terminology and how the justice system operates. I have a demonstrably strong work ethic though, which has helped me obtain my current position as an administrative assistant at an oil company called XXXX Resources PLC. Moreover, this role requires a legal aptitude because I am routinely called upon to vet the company's contracts.  

I understand that both the study and the practice of the law necessitate communication with people from diverse backgrounds. I therefore deliberately set out to cultivate my communication skills by joining a non-profit organization called XXXX Azerbaijanis, for whom I have helped organize and run a variety of cultural, educational, and charitable activities designed to promote understanding between Azerbaijan and the United States.

Fortunately, I was able to draw on my previous experience as a group mentor during the course of my B.A. (majoring in International Law), which required me to offer study guidance to fellow students, and acting as the mediator in any interpersonal conflicts. Furthermore, I was attached to the Legal Department of Airlines State Concern for the duration of my summer internship, where I reviewed the contracts. Hence, I am confident that I have built a solid foundation to pursue further legal studies by combining my communication skills and analytical ability.

The consistent thread then through each stage of my life has been my willingness to plan and then carry out a course of action. I learnt this at an impressionable age when the onset of a serious illness limited my capacity for spontaneous "play". I was obliged to adopt a more deliberate approach, and found the discipline of learning karate very beneficial in this respect. Indeed, anyone who knows me will tell you I am a fighter, who is used to struggling against the odds. 

Should you choose to accept me, I intend to use my Doctor of Jurisprudence (Business Law) to obtain a position as a legal counsel in the energy sector. My other priority is very dear to my heart: educating people in Azerbaijan and other developing countries about the sanctity of human rights.

Thank you for considering my application.

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All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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