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JD Advanced Standing Admission, Trade, Mexico

An attorney from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, who is now an Arizona resident, I am currently finishing my LLM Degree at XXXX University, and I would like very much to continue my studies forward through the terminal degree in my field, the JDS. I want to continue at XXXX University because I look forward to practicing law in Arizona. My legal epicenter is the entire Arizona/Sonora region. The XXU is also especially strong in the area of expertise I seek to cultivate, commercial litigation, intellectual property, and trade law.

 Perhaps the unique aspect of my qualifications is the fact that not only have I been able to work my way through my LLM program, but I have done so working as a director of an IT department where I supervise the work of 7 engineers (with no formal training of my own in this area). The fact that I am self-taught and highly accomplished in the area of communications and data systems speaks to my drive and determination to excel. It also bodes well for my ability to spur creative innovation in commerce law in its application to the complexities of legal issues involved in international transactions across the Rio Grande.

 I want to do everything that I can to spur economic development ‘across’ the border, because I see this as the best solution to the numerous complex problems and controversial social issues that are generated by ‘the border.’ I feel strongly that solid management and international communications systems will be the lifeblood of any future solution to border issues. In this way, I think I will be able to make my most exemplary contribution to both of my moral, legal, and cultural worlds, both legal entities which I see to serve, Arizona and Sonora, and by extension, the United States and Mexico.

 I grew up on the south side of the Rio Grande River. The border has defined my world for as long as I can remember, my social and cultural boundaries, leading within time to cross border opportunity and adventure. I remain troubled, however, by what I see as numerous failed opportunities to make concrete progress at streamlining, fostering, and securing international commerce across the river. Nogales is my home, on both sides of the Rio Grande. It is there where I will make my stand as an attorney in defense of free trade and commerce, an inalienable right that I firmly believe has been given to all of us by God.

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