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LLM Masters Tax Law, Chinese Businessman

XXU is my first choice among LLM programs for a variety of reasons, most of all my profound admiration for the thoroughly international character of your program and the fact that my special area of interest, Tax Law, is figured quite prominently in your curriculum. In fact, I see XXU Law as the mos…

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LLM, London, UAE, Refugees, European

Each day shortly after rising, I look at my face in the mirror, and I allow my gaze to linger for a few moments of reflection. I see the beginning of a young, reflective, and quite determined European man. Perhaps the characteristic of my face that takes center stage in my young life at this point i…

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LLM, UK, Applicant from Bahrain

The ethos of hard work, determination, and fairness is ingrained in me through the influence of family members, primarily that of my grandfather. He was a very hard-working small trader who, through his diligence, determination, and reputation for fair dealing, advanced to owning one of the most suc…

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LLM UK, Business Law, Chinese Applicant


The most important thing that set me on track towards becoming an international citizen and attorney was that I was fortunate to spend almost one year in Los Angeles, California, USA as an exchange student from China at only 12 years old. This did wonder for my English and enabled my internation…

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LLM Family Law, Chinese Democracy Activist

I am part of a long-term relationship with the love of my life, XXXX XXXX, who is also a legal professional. We are both from Hong Kong, and we are building our legal careers together. We both hope to be accepted to XXXX University as students in your incoming Fall Program. We would like very much t…

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JD Finance & Investment, China to Canada

As a young Chinese man who immigrated to Canada from China 3 years ago, I recently received my Canadian passport. I have also had the privilege of spending significant amounts of time in most European countries as well as New Zealand and the USA.

Next year, 2015, I will finish my undergraduate degr…

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LLM Corporate Governance, Ukrainian Applicant

Your world-class LLM Program in Corporate Governance & Practice at XXXX University is my first choice for further graduate study not only because of the prestige of your program, but primarily because I feel that I am the best fit for your program given my interests and experience. I seek a thorough…

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LLM International Business, Arbitration, Ukraine

XXXX is my first choice for Law School not only because of its historical reputation, but because I see it as the most fully international program in New York City. I see XXXX’s LLM Program as the most robust platform in NYC upon which to build a distinguished career in real estate and international…

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JD Advanced Standing Admission, Trade, Mexico

An attorney from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, who is now an Arizona resident, I am currently finishing my LLM Degree at XXXX University, and I would like very much to continue my studies forward through the terminal degree in my field, the JDS. I want to continue at XXXX University because I look forwar…

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LLM Personal Statement, International Corporate Law

I have no family connection to the law. Still, I did harbor the occasional teenage fantasy in which I strode confidently around a courtroom, amazing a jury with my persuasive oratory and pulling off an almost impossible courtroom coup resulting in a standing ovation from an appreciative audience.  I…

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JD Personal Statement, Business Law, Azerbaijan

My desire to enter the legal profession dates back to my high school days in Baku, Azerbaijan, when I began to understand how the government was rife with corruption, and that the legal system was far from just. I also reflected on the fact that a lack of respect for human rights had turned Azerbaij…

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LLM International Corporate Law, Securities, China

I am a Chinese woman with a great passion for law, and this is the greatest asset that I hope to bring to your distinguished LLM Program at XXXX University. My love for the field of law sustained me through my studies even though I had to undergo stomach surgery shortly before my final exams to beco…

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LLM, Masters International Business, Hispanic

I am a Mexican attorney from Nogales; in fact, both Nogaleses, the one in Arizona, and the one in Sonora, Mexico. I attended school in the US through the 6th grade, and since then, we have gone to the USA almost daily to shop, for restaurants, movies, and businesses. Thus, I feel that I have grown u…

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LLM, International Economics, Public Policy, Brazil

I am a Brazilian woman who dreams of studying law here in America. XXXX is my first choice because of my profound respect for your program and the fact that International Economics Law, Business, and Policy is the best fit for my long-term goal of helping developing economies develop in sustainable …

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LLM, UK, Business Law, Arab African Woman

As a young Arab woman from Africa, I have had to struggle and work really hard my whole life to become fully recognized as a professional and a human being in a cruel, male-dominated world and work environment. The injustices against women in society are one of the primary reasons why I chose to bui…

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LLM International Business, Commerce, Israeli

I clearly remember my first encounter with an attorney; in the summer, of 1994.  Lifshitz walked into our classroom, wearing an impeccable black tailored suit.  I gazed at him with admiration.  Well-dressed people were unfamiliar in my hometown, and working in an office was equally rare.  My school …

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JD, Law School, Intellectual Property and Copyright

My first choice for Law School is at XXXX because of its excellent reputation, location in San Francisco, and its focus on intellectual property and copyright law. I have long been immersed in art, so I want to study law and later practice in San Francisco since I see it as the only American city f…

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JD Law School, Family Law, Greek-American Woman

XXXX University School of Law is my first choice for law school because I am very attracted to their professional mission of preparing graduates to become responsible, ethical, and compassionate lawyers. I share this goal with myself; indeed, it is my ultimate goal. I think that my compassion for o…

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JD Business Law School Admission Application

Halfway through my senior year at the University of Arizona, I was chosen to be the undergraduate representative at "Arizona First," a three-day, the bipartisan conference focused on shaping legislation to bring economic growth and prosperity to the state. During the meeting, I worked closely with …

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JD Business Law Admission, Explaining LSAT Score

Many college students know exactly what field to enter after graduation and have been preparing for that field throughout their entire college career. However, I had difficulty discovering a career field rewarding enough to devote my whole life to, a career field worthy of education. While I had alw…

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