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LLM, International Economics, Public Policy, Brazil

I am a Brazilian woman who dreams of studying law here in America. XXXX is my first choice because of my profound respect for your program and the fact that International Economics Law, Business, and Policy is the best fit for my long-term goal of helping developing economies develop in sustainable ways. I hope to spend my future helping poorer countries to develop legal systems that promote economic development for people with scarce resources. I would like to someday return to Brazil, for example, to assist the Sustainable Aquaculture Organization, an organization to which I belong.

 During the last two years of study toward the completion of my Law Degree at the Universidade Paulista (UNIP) in Sao Paulo, I volunteered my time in a free clinic that assisted low-income people who could not afford an attorney, because this is what brings me my greatest joy, helping underprivileged people in need. I also accepted professional positions while still a student to help my mom pay expenses, to mature, and learn more about legal issues. I also completed courses through the Brazilian Bar Association in the areas of civil, criminal, and labor law, in addition to a study in ethics and public speaking. Furthermore, I gained additional experience in the area of business working as a contractual legal assistant for one of the largest distributors of sugar in South America, Copersucar Uniao, since I was in charge of preparing both domestic and international group contracts in coordination with our sales representatives.

 I passed the Bar exam near the top of my class, was hired by a leading law firm, and put in charge of the labor law department, where I became recognized as an expert in the area of employer and employee rights; I spent two years there before coming to the USA. 

I first came to San Francisco six years ago to live with my brother and further my education. At that time, I did not have a firm grasp of the English language. Nevertheless, since it was my dream to obtain a Master’s Degree from Stanford Law School, I decided to stay and attend classes to improve my English skills so that one day I might be able to participate in this most coveted and prestigious university. I still live in San Francisco, which is close to the University, and I am confident that with the LLM degree from XXU, I will have numerous opportunities to spend my life struggling for greater levels of justice for innocent people who are suffering, especially in the Developing World. Not only will I enhance my knowledge and skills in the area of international law, but I will also develop a professional understanding of international business development so that I might be able to help oversee the expansion of the Sustainable Aquaculture Organization company to other countries, allowing them to develop sustainable fish farms and shrimp industries.

 I would be profoundly honored to contribute to the diversity of your program as an attorney that is well versed in the challenges facing Third World countries where innocent people without economic resources are so frequently victims of egregious injustices. I want to devote my life to the development of sustainable, green-oriented, agua and agriculture initiatives, creating jobs, improving developing economies, protecting our environment, and helping to create a stable economic future for the impoverished citizens of my country, Brazil, along with other nations on the long road to sustainable development. XXXX law will be the foundation of my contribution to our future. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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