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LLM Family Law, Chinese Democracy Activist

I am part of a long-term relationship with the love of my life, XXXX XXXX, who is also a legal professional. We are both from Hong Kong, and we are building our legal careers together. We both hope to be accepted to XXXX University as students in your incoming Fall Program. We would like very much to study at XXXX, in particular, because of your outstanding excellence in the areas of international law and human rights—in addition to the vast resources of New York City. We are democracy activists who look forward to laboring to achieve greater levels of human and political freedom throughout China, as well as our home Hong Kong—especially as through the facilitation of commercial ties and solidarity.

I was born and raised in Australia; my family emigrated there from Hong Kong before I was born. I did my secondary schooling in Hong Kong, however, because my parents thought that the study atmosphere would be more rigorous, especially for perfecting both my Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese—most notably my writing skills in these languages. I decided to study for my undergraduate degree in the UK to advance my horizons and work towards my goal of developing my identity and character as a global citizen.

Trina and I are both currently completing our LLB degrees at Sussex University in England. Studying in both England and the United States fits very well with our central life plan of becoming fully international attorneys. We see both Europe and the United States—along with Australia—as our major potential allies in what will be a long struggle for greater levels of freedom and respect for human rights in China. Thus, we look forward to having the privilege of learning in America, about America, just as we are now doing in England.

I have been developing a particular interest in the area of accounting for some time now, and I especially enjoyed the professional experience that I acquired in this area while still in Hong Kong. I hope to continue advancing my understanding of many of the most salient issues confronting us in accounting. I see this field as especially important to developing more significant levels of transparency, the foundation of justice. My part-time clerkship in Hong Kong helped me understand how our CPA system functions in Hong Kong.

My short-term objective is to graduate from XXU and pass the New York Bar Examination. My long-term goal is to distinguish myself through decades of service to a fully international law firm, perhaps eventually becoming a partner. My pro-bono work will always be what fulfills me the most, and I look forward to doing as much as I can, increasingly as my career progresses, especially in Family Law. The issue that is closest to our hearts is the issue of sexual exploitation of women and girls in China. We seek to specialize in this area and dedicate our lives to promoting progressive changes in Chinese Law that help to protect women and children from exploitation.

I hope to see progress toward a universal legal system within my lifetime, and I want to work towards this end by doing everything that I can to help protect children in China. I am currently doing my own research on the issue of the limitations imposed by Family Law on a separated parent’s ability to make significant life decisions that have a great impact on the child’s life.

I also look forward to learning as much as I can about corporate fraud and how to fight it, with particular attention to the sectors of banking and finance. In addition to what I see as significant deficiencies in Family Law in China, and how it fails to protect victims, my other area of particular focus is on what I see as another significant failure of China to achieve and enforce transparency in banking and finance.

Perhaps my greatest joy so far was serving as chairman of two inter-school charitable societies at my college in Hong Kong—the Interact Club and the Public Welfare Society: visiting older adults living by themselves, holding computer classes for older adults in order to assist them to stay in contact with their families, bringing disabled children to theme parks, etc.

I thank you for considering my application to your program

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