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JD Juris Doctor, Public Interest Law

While I am a perennial optimist, I am also a realist; and my greatest fascination in life is the way that our legal systems function as the glue of society, making all else possible, including progress. Most of all, I am a progressive, and I want to have a significant share in progressive social change. I hope very much to be admitted to your distinguished law school because I feel strongly that I have a lot to contribute to making our society a place where the freedoms of all are protected, especially the weakest and most vulnerable among us. I hope to work in politics at the local level. My long-term goal is to become a judge. I see the duty-bound, impartial interpretation of the law as the highest calling to which I could possibly aspire, mainly because I very much want to develop a career focused on the protection of minorities.

 I studied acting and currently earn my living that way. I think that acting can be excellent preparation for law school, for the right person, and this is why I chose to earn my BS in Legal Studies. I hope to develop a particular expertise in civil law, because I see this area as especially fruitful for advancing the enforcement of civil protection, including but not limited to medical malpractice. I am a very civic-minded member of my community. This is why I have volunteered at local homeless shelters and have done hundreds of hours of volunteer work for the North American Food Drive through my fraternity.

 I maintain an excellent GPA and boast outstanding test scores, while holding down a rigorous 30-hour-a-week job at a law firm and participating in several school clubs as well as my fraternity. I am also on the Rugby team. Since August of 2010, I have been with XXXX, PL., in Naples, FL. I draft legal documents and pleadings in a competitive legal setting. I am in charge of researching legal questions with multiple issues, both simple and complex. Often, I organize and manage multiple, large files by myself.

 I have I gone on cruises almost every summer for years, mostly all around the Caribbean. Thus, spending as much time as allowed off the ship, generally alone, out and about meeting people, this has helped me to become someone who celebrates diversity at every step. I take great pride in my capacity to savor the south-of-the-border experience with my family. I have also traveled to Montana, California, and New York on Service Project trips with my church. And I return to Mississippi every summer to see my family.

 As a professional actor, I have cultivated charisma and finely honed my public speaking skills to engage an audience. I believe strongly that these skills be most valuable when I earn my keep in this life by my ability to convince a jury. Frankly, I have always been more excited about giving a presentation than writing a paper. While I spend most of my spare time with a book or doing research online, my passion is expressed through communication. As a distinguished graduate of your program with years of service to the community, I may, at some point, decide to seek an elected office. Ultimately, the only thing that could top devoting my life to interpreting the law would be to have a share in making it.

 I am most fond of the work of Alexis De Tocqueville as I, too, am concerned with the tyranny of the majority. I hope to have the privilege of protecting the rights of those members of society that stand outside our ethnic and cultural mainstream. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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