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JD Finance & Investment, China to Canada

As a young Chinese man who immigrated to Canada from China 3 years ago, I recently received my Canadian passport. I have also had the privilege of spending significant amounts of time in most European countries as well as New Zealand and the USA.

Next year, 2015, I will finish my undergraduate degree in Finance, and I hope to continue to study full time and enroll in your distinguished JD Program at XXXX University for the coming school year. What I have learned about history so far leads me to conclude that mutual investment between China and Canada is good for preserving world peace and enhancing our mutual prosperity. Thus, I find it a great honor and a thrill to be working towards my long-term goal of serving not only as an international legal professional, but also as a sort of commercial ambassador between Chinese business interests, on the one hand, and Canadian interests, on the other.

I see earning a law degree as highly complementary to the Bachelor’s Degree that I have already made in Finance, mainly since my short-term goal after completing your program is to work as an attorney in the area of investment banking, gaining several valuable years of experience in this area. This will help me to greatly expand what I have learned about investment banking as a result of my previous experience, completing an internship with XXXX in ShangHai. Next, I intend to spend several more years working as a corporate lawyer.

The most fundamental aspect of my long-term goal of establishing my own international law practice is the fact that I intend to become an attorney in China as well as in Canada. This will enable me to work entirely in both countries legally, avoiding complications with Chinese authorities in particular. I intend to earn my law degree in China online, and to begin studying towards this end after completing my law degree in Canada.

My long-term goal is to become recognized as a highly competent and expert in the area of the legal relationships between North America, on the one hand, and Asia, on the other—especially China. Since the two continents have totally different cultures and legal structures, translation between calls for creativity, and I hope to excel in this area. I have learned a great deal already about Canadian law during the course of the five years that I have now lived in Canada. Since I grew up in China, however, I also have a basic understanding of the Chinese legal system.

I am operating on the assumption that problems and conflicts often occur between Chinese and North American interests because of communication problems that arise from mutual misunderstandings of these two very different legal systems; thus, I hope to excel in this area, improving mutual understandings of legal systems to avoid problems and conflicts to the extent to which it is possible. Many Canadian and North American firms are worried about legal and political situations in China that leave them reluctant to do business in China. I want to work to overcome or resolve some of these impediments to doing business between China and North America.

I am also concerned about how it is difficult for most Chinese firms to enter Canadian and North American markets—and much of this has to do with trepidation concerning the American legal system. Nevertheless, nowadays, more and more Chinese firms are attempting to enter North American markets, and this is something that I plan to devote my career to encouraging. These firms could benefit significantly from the assistance of someone with my credentials, an accomplished and fully informed attorney in China and Canada. My professional dreams are also greatly enhanced by the fact that I am fully bilingual in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Thus, I will have a special advantage as a bilingual Chinese attorney educated in the West.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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