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LLM Masters, Law School, UK, Central Criminal Court

Throughout my A-level studies, I have become increasingly attracted to the study of Law and wish to pursue a degree in this subject to reinforce and develop my knowledge and understanding of the legal system. For me, a Law degree is not purely vocational. Indeed I am very interested in the theoretical and philosophical aspects of the legal process, mainly how the development of common law affects the Criminal Law, potentially changing an entire area of law through a single judgment.

This year I am taking a gap year to gain valuable work experience and to travel around Europe, sampling various cultures. Over the next twelve months, I plan to do work experience in all possible aspects of the legal system, recognizing that law is a diverse area, comprising of much more than simply barristers and solicitors. I am spending a month researching social policy for the Citizens Advice Bureau, a chance to do an excellent first-hand exploration into the effects of new legislation that may not have been appreciated by the Government. To understand both aspects of the impact of new legislation and the work that goes behind it, I am also planning to spend a month working for an MP in the Labour Party's headquarters in London. I also have the opportunity of shadowing an MEP in Brussels, which will further enhance my appreciation of law by introducing me to foreign legal systems.

Recently I spent two exciting weeks at the Old Bailey shadowing His Honour Judge XXXX, the Recorder of London. I observed various cases, from murder to police brutality. I was introduced to the staff who contribute to the daily running of the Central Criminal Court and their wide range of duties. This gave me beneficial insights into the legal process in practice, such as the difference between conducting trials involving adults and children, insights that are not usually included in learning the purely theoretical aspects of the law. The experience also taught me to appreciate how each of the different areas of the legal system is closely interwoven in a criminal trial, from the interaction between the prosecution and police detectives to the relationship between the Judge and the court clerk.

Apart from work experience, I am actively extending my knowledge of the law by reading The Times weekly law supplement. I have also spent a day with the Head of Graduate recruitment at XXXX, learning about the various training routes available to Law Graduates in the commercial sector. Aside from studying, I enjoy participating in many extracurricular activities. I am currently learning Japanese and find both the language and the culture fascinating. I have also recently started a Latin GCSE course to hone the logic and reasoning skills essential to the study of law. As a keen musician, I play the first bassoon in the Reading Youth Orchestra and piano. In addition, I enjoy creative writing and intend to complete a trampoline-coaching course which I hope to put to use at university.

Overall, a Law degree is an excellent opportunity to immerse me in the legal structures and rules that shape our modern society and form part of the history of this country. I look forward to studying this challenging and stimulating subject while making full use of all the extra-curricular activities and facilities a university offers, and I hope to pursue a career in law in the future.

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